Ana Laromaine


PhD in Chemistry from the Materials Science Institute of Barcelona and the Autonomous University of Barcelona with extensive international scientific experience. My PhD focused on the molecular synthesis of carboranes for catalysis and medical therapy. As postdoctoral researcher at Imperial College London (UK) in the group of Prof. Molly M. Stevens, I developed a colorimetric sensor for the detection of proteases based on gold nanoparticles and peptides. I studied the replication of surfaces with DNA and peptides using supramolecular interactions at MIT (USA) in the group of Professor Francesco Stellacci. We developed new methodologies for the production of cell cultures in three-dimensional structures on paper and the combination of the use of C. elegans and microfluidic chips for innovative biological assays at Harvard University (USA) in the group of Prof. George Whitesides.

I am currently Investigadora Distinguida at the ICMAB where I combine materials science, chemistry and biology for biological applications. I focus on the use of cellulose materials and nanoparticles to create multifunctional composites and responsive materials. The interaction of those novel materials is evaluated in cells within 2D and 3D cell cultures and using the small animal model C. elegans. We optimize the physico-chemical properties of the novel multifunctional materials using biocompatible approaches that are economical and have low environmental impact.

I actively participate and have experience in scientific divulgation activities and technology transfer.


Kinépolis Ciudad de la Imagen,
Calle Edgar Neville, s/n
28223, Madrid


Metro: Colonia Jardín.

Delante de la entrada principal de Kinépolis está la parada “Ciudad del Cine” de la línea ML3 de Metro Ligero Oeste que conecta Colonia Jardín con Puerta de Boadilla. En Colonia Jardín el metro ligero conecta con la línea 10 del Metro de Madrid.