Ana Maiques


Ana Maiques is the CEO of Neuroelectrics, a company aiming to change the way we interact with the brain, developing wearable innovative technologies to non-invasively monitor (EEG) and stimulate the brain (tCS-electrical stimulation) to help many patients in need. The company has already started two clinical FDA trials on depression and epilepsy and is investigating other diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Neuroelectrics technologies may have a profound impact in the way mental and brain health is provided, allowing patients to be both treated and monitored at home and also help to understand better the brain network dynamics on those patient populations in order to personalise treatments.

Ana Maiques was nominated by IESE as one of the most influential entrepreneurs under 40 in Spain (2010) and received the EU Prize for Women Innovators from the European Commission EC in 2014 and one of the Most Inspiring Fifty Women in Europe. Neuroelectrics recently received the Best Start-up in Health 2015 bye Wired UK magazine in an amazing event in London. The company was awarded as one of the 2016 Best Entrepreneurial Companies in USA by Entrepreneur Magazine. She recently joined the European Innovation Council Advisory Board, the pan European organism that aims to scale up European companies. She spends her time between Barcelona and Boston.